CaseMaker 650
Create your personalized cover or ringbinder

The CaseMaker 650 is the perfect case making solution for all your short run personalized cases. It allows you to create a hard cover, ring binder or display in an easy and maintenance free way with the UniCovers Wrapped.

Features & Benefits
  • User-friendly: An easy and error free case making process, thanks to the premade UniCover Wrapped
  • Cost-efficient: the machine can be operated by a minimally trained operator
  • No set-up and change-over times
  • Only a few minutes needed to produce a personalized hard cover
  • No waste with UniCover Wrapped
  • Completely dry concept: eliminates usage of liquids, chemicals or glues
  • Time saving: limited time spent on cleaning and daily maintenance
  • Maximum page size to be bound: 30 x 30cm (12"x12")
  • Opens new markets with interesting margins
  • Cutting Table
  • Book covers
  • Diaries
  • Photo books
  • Notebooks
  • Ring binders
  • Displays, top cards, game boards
Used for
  • In-store photo books
  • Copyshops
  • Digital printing


Size machine 620 x 510 x 290 mm
Printer table dimensions: 600 mm x 310 mm (16" x 14")
Weight: 25 kg
Connection to computer with USB 2.0
Operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
Electrical consumption: max. 72 Watt
Spine supports included (for printing on spines)

CaseMaker 650