Color Press
Xerox® Rialto™ 900 Inkjet Press
Big inkjet performance for any size production floor in a small package. Rethink performance, efficiency and flexibility with this fully integrated, innovative roll-to-cut-sheet press.

The Xerox® Rialto™ 900 Inkjet Press design removes the primary barriers to entering the dynamic production inkjet market—cost and complexity—providing an exciting opportunity for business growth. The press delivers excellent performance to help meet demanding SLAs while providing ultimate efficiency and flexibility at a never-before-seen size 

  • White paper-in productivity – Designed for roll in, cut sheet out performance, the Rialto 900 minimizes complexity while maximizing output from a unique, small footprint.
  • High-quality prints – 1000 x 1000 dpi visual resolution prints provide eye-catching results for transaction, transpromo and direct mail jobs.
  • Ease of use – Next generation product and user interface design make getting started with inkjet or insourcing applications easy.
  • All-in-one integration – Nearly everything you need to achieve maximum production inkjet power is wrapped up in one easy-to-use package, simplifying the process of delivering high-value inkjet jobs.
  • Lower costs – An elegant, compact design uses less power and produces less waste.
  • Maximum productivity – Keeping the Rialto 900 running productively doesn’t take time away from an operator’s day, especially when compared with other inkjet products. The press' simple design and straight paper path make routine maintenance tasks easy so jobs keep printing.
  • Migrate or share – Move jobs from offset, higher-end inkjet or cut sheet digital presses with ease. Or take advantage of the Rialto 900 to provide cost-effective inkjet redundancy. The press’s workflow and outstanding quality make it a good shop floor citizen who likes to share.
  • Work… flows – With support for both Adobe PDF or native IPDS data streams and a modern interactive controller, the Rialto 900 press makes it easy to expand your definition of “inkjet jobs.”
Standard Capabilities Color continuous feed printing
Rated speed Up to 157 ft/min (48 m/min), 342 letter ipm / 320 A4 ipm, single pass duplex
Resolution 600 x 600 dpi x 2-bit
Recommended average monthly volume 1,500,000 - 5,000,000 images per month
Digital Front Ends Xerox® Impika® IPDS Controller
Xerox® Impika® PDF Controller
Media Types Uncoated untreated, inkjet treated, inkjet matte coated

XMPie® StoreFlow™
XMPie® PersonalEffect® StoreFlow™ allows customers to create and manage online web-to-print storefronts and marketing portals selling print and electronic media. Print providers, in-plant production facilities and other service providers will find that StoreFlow provides a convenient way for their customers to submit print orders 24/7 and an automated workflow to process, print and fulfill orders. This end-to-end solution combines an intuitive user experience, powerful backend dashboard, and prepress automation to simplify the entire workflow from order acquisition through production and fulfillment.

FreeFlow™ Digital PublisherFreeFlow™ Digital
FreeFlow™ Digital Publisher is a digital publishing software solution that allows you to provide both print and mobile/online communications simultaneously using a single unified workflow. With two new Cloud configurations to choose from, you can now lower your startup costs, speed up deployment and quickly begin generating new revenue from multi-channel services.

FreeFlow™ Makeready™
Preparing complex documents day in and day out for print production can be labor-intensive, especially when combining electronic and scanned inputs into a single job. Save time and money by automating laborious prepress tasks with Xerox FreeFlow Makeready – a "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) job preparation tool, with basic imposition, tab programming, and even simplified color management and personalization. Now your everyday complex jobs are suddenly simple.

FreeFlow™ Variable Information Suite
The key to success in any marketing campaign is the ability to capture the attention of your potential customers. What better way to do that than personalization? The Xerox FreeFlow Variable Information Suite of variable data tools will allow you to personalize your communications quickly, cost-effectively, and automatically.

SaaSColorManagement by CMI
Introducing one-touch color management. CMI offers a simple, revolutionary approach that resolves the shortcomings of most color management processes. With one touch, a smart, automated color management workflow is initiated that is fully integrated into the production workflow. Baselines are automatically set up for any paper stock or production queue. Concerns about quality are avoided by verifying and, if needed, optimizing the color output. The quick and highly controlled methodology excels in usability, speed and quality. Productivity is increased and operational costs are reduced with savings of approximately one hour per printer per day.

Investment Planner:
Understand the true cost of doing business to maximize your productivity, cost savings and profit
Used by a team of Xerox experts who will observe and analyze your daily business, workflow, and key jobs
The Xerox experts will create a customized workflow recommendation based on cost and time saving analyses, detailed reports, and quantified cost and time benefits statements from the Investment Planner

FreeFlow™ Express to Print
Delivers exceptional value at an affordable price, tailored specifically for print operations looking to automate prepress and job preparation quickly and easily

FreeFlow™ Output Manager™
Allows you to reduce turnaround time and increase efficiency by effectively prioritizing, scheduling and splitting print jobs throughout your print operation

Specialty Imaging: Fraud Deterrent Technology
Protecting sensitive documents from unauthorized duplication is a growing concern. Counterfeit copies of documents like coupons, tickets, and invoices can have serious financial impacts. Combat this concern with exclusive fraud-resistant specialty imaging effects for static and variable jobs which add an extra level of security and authentication. These specialty imaging text effects can only be printed with a FreeFlow digital front end in combination with FreeFlow software – any other print server will print them as normal text.

FreeFlow™ Process Manager™
FreeFlow Process Manager lets print shop operators pre-build workflows for automatic document preparation, proofing, and printing for digital and offset environments. The ability to automate vital prepress processes such as preflighting, image enhancement, and proofing can add value to virtually any digitally submitted job.

Ultimate TechnoGraphics Ultimate Bindery
Ultimate Bindery eliminates make ready-time on bindery equipment, increases efficiency on short runs, and eliminates printed paper waste. Ideal for web-to-finish workflows, on-demand books and booklets, and personalized campaigns.

Leverages simple data sources and InDesign® elements to create personalized documents in an easy-to-use VDP solution

FreeFlow™ Core
FreeFlow™ Core automates the process steps required to prepare a job for print. With the latest release of the FreeFlow Core Cloud configuration, you now have a choice of whether to host the solution on premise or have Xerox host in the cloud.

RSA QDirect™
QDirect™ controls workflow, routes jobs, and manages print destinations across the entire enterprise by consolidating print from data centers, departments, and desktops to a single point and distributing the output to production, workgroup, desktop printers, and other destinations. QDirect is used to manage and manipulate jobs as well as direct workflow. Sample workflow enhancement include color splitting, job naming, conditional processing, chunking (break up a large job into smaller pieces so the printer can handle them), flow control, conditional routing, and transform (integration with MISPrint and IPDSPrint).