Silver Authorized Service Partner of Xerox

Xerographic Systems has become Silver Authorized Service Partner of Xerox. At the year start conference of Xerox MEA region of 2015 in Dubai, it was announced that Xerox would run an assessment of the service operations of all of its partners in the region. 
During February 2015 Xerox has audited onsite Xerographic Systems’ service department. It was the first partner to be audited and accredited out of 90 partners. The results demonstrated that Xerographic Systems is a very lean and efficient service operation, one of the best in the whole region.   
“We are extremely pleased and proud with the outcome and our accreditation as it aligns perfectly with our strategy of being a vendor of choice for Cyprus companies when it comes to their printing requirements”, said Demetris J. Leontis, Xerographic Systems’ General Manager. “This accreditation motivates all of us to further improve and maintain high quality services for our customers”. 

‚ÄčKeith Barron, the Xerox Regional Programs Manager who is the person running this Service Accreditation program for Xerox made the below comment about Xerographic Systems: “In January 2015 Xerox launched a new service accreditation programme throughout the MEA region. The aim of the programme was to ensure all our partners were delivering World Class Service to all our customers. Xerographic Cyprus were one of the first partners to be accredited and during my time with the partner I could not help but be impressed by their enthusiasm and dedication towards providing the best possible support to all their customers. At the same implementing new software and tools to keep them as one of the leading Service suppliers in the region. It was a pleasure to award Xerographic with their Silver accreditation award for outstanding customer service.”