Xerox MPS Services
Xerox Managed Print Services (MPS)

The Next Generation is here. And it's from Xerox!

You may already know that Managed Print Services gives you visibility and control of your printing to help you save money and boost productivity.
With Next Generation Managed Print Services, that’s only the start.

Savings + Business Productivity

Our innovative approach is redefining Managed Print Services.
Step 1: Assess and optimise
First, we use best-in-class assessment tools to create a baseline of your current spend, and design an optimised solution that reduces your costs and supports your sustainability goals. 
Step 2: Secure and integrate
Next, we ensure that solutions are connected to your IT environment in a secure and compliant way, using authentication and encryption and providing secure solutions for mobile devices.
Step 3: Automate and simplify
Once your solution is in place, we help you improve productivity by automating paper-based processes, content management solutions and simplified document workflows.

In short, we help you find the right solutions for your organization, well beyond traditional MPS offerings.
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The Value of Assessment
Documents are the lifeblood of any organization. Yet many companies may not be aware of how they impact every level of day-to-day work, from productivity and sustainability right down to the bottom line.
We can help you analyze your business environment and show you how you can optimize the way documents work in your organization. We leverage a powerful set of best-in-class tools to turn your print data into actionable knowledge. Once we have that, we can:
  • Improve resource utilization through device optimization
  • Reduce the environmental impact of printing
  • Uncover hidden costs within equipment and business processes
  • Provide an accurate multivendor total cost of ownership