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Your business needs change over time. That’s why ConnectKey features an ever-evolving gallery of apps — including those from third-party developers — that lets you add, delete, or swap tools in your own custom app gallery.

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Xerox® Connect App for XMPie® adds a personal touch, with just a touch. Delivering value that leaves a lasting impression has never been easier or faster.

Docusign label
Xerox® Connect App for DocuSign

Xerox Connect App for DocuSign is an electronic signature app on your ConnectKey multifunction printer, so you can scan and print to and from your DocuSign account.

Translate & Print logo
Xerox® Translate and Print App

With your ConnectKey multifunction printer and the Xerox Translate and Print App, scan your document and choose one of 44 languages for your print out, retaining your original layout.

Concur label
Xerox® Connect App for Concur

With your ConnectKey multifunction printer and this receipt scanner app, submit single or multiple receipts into Concur with minimal work. Learn more.

Note Converter label
Xerox® Note Converter App

Save time when you turn handwriting to text with the Note Converter App from Xerox. Transform handwritten notes into editable and shareable digital files.

Auto-redaction app icon
Xerox® Auto-Redaction App

The Xerox Auto-Redaction app on your ConnectKey multifunction printer removes sensitive information in seconds with flexibility to meet specific needs.

Imanage logo
Xerox® Connect App for iManage

Raise the bar on law firm document management with the Xerox Connect App for iManage on your ConnectKey multifunction printer to securely organise and share documents efficiently.

Blackboard label
Xerox® Connect App for Blackboard®

Xerox Connect App for Blackboard Learn on ConnectKey multifunction printers is a digital course materials app that allows for easy student and teacher collaboration.

Salesforce label
Xerox® Connect App for Salesforce®

Now with your ConnectKey multifunction printer and the Xerox Connect App for Salesforce, quickly digitise and print from your account. Our sales management app gives you more time to close the deal.

Cloud Connectors
Cloud Connectors

Our cloud connector apps make it safe and easy to create highly efficient workflows by connecting your ConnectKey® Technology-enabled devices to your cloud storage app of choice.

Audio documents app icon
Xerox® Audio Documents App

The Xerox Audio Documents app on ConnectKey multifunction printers transforms text in paper to MP3 format, so you can listen whenever, wherever. Our text to MP3 app can boost your productivity.

Proofheader label
Xerox® Proofreader Service App

Our proofreading app for ConnectKey multifunction printers checks for spelling, grammar, syntax and plagiarism, allowing teachers to focus on the content, not corrections. Learn more.

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