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      Larnaca Branch Office


        Make installation a breeze.

        Xerox® Smart Start 

        Xerox® Smart Start printer installer helps users get printing and scanning as quickly as possible. Ideal for users who do not know what driver to install, Xerox Smart Start will get you up and running without hassle!

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        Key Features

        •  Smartly discover printers to install on your network with ease
        •  Easily upgrade existing drivers with the newest releases
        •  Support for both Microsoft print architectures with Type 3 and Type 4 print systems
        •  Seamlessly install TWAIN/WIA scan drivers for supported devices through the Advanced Install option
        •  Advanced installation options available for the technical users
        •  Choose Quick Install to be done quickly or Advanced Install to select PDLs or print system
        •  Support across Windows 7, 8.1, and 10

        Why Choose Xerox?

        The Xerox Smart Start Installer simplifies printer setup, ensuring all users are printing and scanning easily. It offers:

        •  Simplified installation for all users
        •  Productivity gains for both users and IT administrators
        •  Powerful installation options for those users who like more control
        •  Multiple operating systems and print systems supported
        •  Recommended options provide the best print experience 


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