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How to choose the best printing device for your small business

Making the best choice on a printer or copier is an important one for every small business or home office. Your budget limit and monthly costs could be highly affected by your choice, and with all the information available online, you can spend hours and hours searching for the ideal solution.

When considering which printing device suits your business’ needs, these are the main factors that you should look into:

Why Just Print?
Does your business needs include scanning documents, copying, or sending a fax? You can benefit from buying a 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 multifunction printer that offers copy, scan, print and/or fax.

Network Connectivity
Would you like to stay connected to your existing network? Connect your printing device and automatically scan documents and digitize your workflows.

Print Speed and Volume
What are your business’ average printing needs? Do you need speed and a quick response? A high volume of prints and copies requires a printing device that can match your needs.

Price and Monthly Costs
Does upgrading your equipment mean higher costs for your business? Not always! You can choose a leasing option for your payments and a service contract plan for your monthly needs. This way you can keep track of what you spend and what you get from your printing device.

What do we recommend?
At Xerographic Solutions Ltd, Authorized Distributor of Xerox in Cyprus, we offer a wide range of printing devices and multifunction printers that can serve your business’ printing and document processing needs, from home office to large enterprises.

If you have a small business or a home office and looking for a compact but reliable printer, the Xerox B210 is ideal. The black and white Xerox printer offers built-in Wi-Fi, ultra-quiet operation and two-sided printing. If your business has color printing needs, then the brand new Xerox C230 color printer will offer you productivity and convenience, with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and Wi-Fi Direct.

Xerox B210
Xerox VersaLink C605

For smaller work teams of up to 15 users, the Versalink series printers and multifunction printers are the best option. With Xerox ConnectKey® technology, outstanding print quality, high performance and many smart features, you can increase your business’ productivity and digitize workflows, while keeping safe with many security features.

The Xerox Versalink C400 and B400 printers and C605 multifunction printer, offers cloud and mobile connectivity, print from USB and Network, and scan features to cloud, email, USB, desktop and folder. The Versalink C605 color multifunction printer, offers a 7-inch color touchscreen interface with a user experience that sets a higher standard for customization, personalization, and versatility.

If you want to learn more about upgrading your business, digitizing your document management and processing, or keeping control of your printing costs, contact our Sales Technology Consultants at Xerographic Solutions, Authorized Distributor of Xerox in Cyprus.

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